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Having trouble finding the cause of your illness? – it is likely due to the contaminants in the air you are breathing and the food you are eating

Not sure if you have a load of toxicants in your body?

Take the following quiz (answering “Yes” to one or more means you ARE Toxic):

1. Do you breath air?   Yes  No

2. Do you eat food?   Yes  No

3. Do you drink water?   Yes  No

There is a great deal of information at this site on disease, or ill-health, that is caused by our body burden of environmental chemicals. And, more is being added all the time.


Here at Dr. Crinnion.com we strive to provide excellent information about health and wellness, along with important links that will help you in your quest for optimal health. Dr. Walter Crinnion has been specializing in the field of Environmental Medicine for the last 30 years and you will note that this site has a great deal of information, not only about naturopathic medicine, but about how the be vibrantly healthy in a world full of toxicants.

If you are a health professional who wants Environmental  Medicine Training , a full range of options are available to you.  First, we offer the  most comprehensive environmental training available anywhere. The certification course in environmental medicine typically takes at least 6 months to complete. You view and study the lecture material in your own home or office and then come to 3 weekend gatherings where you will apply your new learning to actual cases that you (and other doctors) bring to these weekends. To build upon this foundation and to stay current you can subscribe to  CrinnionOpinion – a membership site that provides monthly podcast updates in environmental medicine, protocols, and reviews of toxicant test results. We also have an Annual Updates in Environmental Medicine Conference where we bring in some of the best researchers and clinicians to keep you current, and to help build our Environmental Medicine community.

The 2015 Annual Updates In Environmental Medicine exceeded all our expectations.

We repeatedly heard the it was “the best conference” the docs had ever attended.

If you couldn’t make it, the recordings are available here

There is a load of information under our “Environmental Medicine” tab – including the lead page “Environmental Medicine. You find some basic information on environmental medicine and a list of physicians who have completed the trainings. This list includes the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain – just keep scrolling down to find one close to you.

Dr. Walter Crinnion’s first book: Clean, Green and Lean (linked to the left) is a culmination of his first 3 decades of helping people get better. It provides a step-by-step guide to removing the toxicants from your home, your food and your body.

The two most commonly heard comments from his patients over the years who did cleansing with him were: “Doc, I feel 20 years younger”, and “Doc, I lost 20 pounds without making any changes in my diet”. When you get the toxicants out of your body, the body heals itself.